Sunday, July 31, 2016

Does & Birds

 Lovely doe grazing in the backyard. This is right before she had her fawn. This is the twin to the "Coyote Doe" below.  Their mother had twins again this year.
 The "Coyote Doe" She had survived an attack from a coyote when she had been weaned. I was surprised that she survived. I don't know if her fawn this year survived or not, haven't seen her with one.

 Male Northern Cardinal.
 Female Cardinal

 Two young does in the backyard
Downey Woodpecker and Indigo Bunting

Friday, July 15, 2016

House Finches & Fawns

 Doe with her twins.
The extreme heat (high 90's to 100's - 36-37 C) and lack of rain is causing a high fawn mortality. I've counted 4 Does that have lost their fawns and am noticing signs of stress among the Does. The Bucks seem okay.
 Licking on her Fawn
 The thing about twins is that they do everything together

 House Finches

 On alert


 And they are back...

Friday, July 1, 2016

White-Tail Deer - FAWNS

 First Fawn of the Summer.  I caught a brief glance of this one right after it was born and Mother was moving it away from the birthplace. No camera then. This one is a manic. In the 18 years we have lived here I have never seen one race about as this one does.

 Eyes are still bluish

 This is a small one (but FAST)

 First sighting of the Twins. This is the Does first babies and she is quite nervous about them getting out of her sight, other Does and Bucks.